Organization = Freedom
Organization = Freedom

DeClutter. Design. De-Stress.

The thing about clutter…it creates stress, unnecessary distraction and
a gnawing to do list that never gets done.

Whether you live in a tiny urban space or a sprawling country estate,
keeping your space tidy, clutter free and comfortable is your ticket to a happy and free life at home.
Everything must have a place. If it doesn’t have a place… it must go.

But our daily routines and busy lifestyles may allow clutter to creep in…it happens subconsciously.

To stay ahead of distracting clutter, it helps to know HOW it manifests so you can prevent it and manage it. Just being more aware of certain behaviors that may encourage distracting clutter is a helpful start in mastering a calm, clutter-free environment. Here are some insights:

BEHAVIOR: Tolerance | Acceptance  { “That bothers me…just like it did yesterday.” }
SHIFT: Stop ignoring what must be changed.
ACTION: Do you repeatedly stub your toe on a cracked tile? Bump into a piece of furniture? Trip over a corner of carpeting? Does the bathroom door stick? Identify any points of resistance.
If something continues to bother you address it.
WISDOM: Tackle one project at a time.

BEHAVIOR: Procrastination | Haste  { “I’ll deal with it later.” }
SHIFT: Deal with it now.
ACTION: Stop cramming things into a drawer or on a desk or in a place where you’ll say I’ll deal with it later. You won’t. And tomorrow there will be 3 more things that get added to the pile.
WISDOM: Be in the moment.

BEHAVIOR: Stashing | Hoarding  { “I’ll use it one day.” }
SHIFT: Edit.
ACTION: Ask yourself…”do I really need all those papers, old mail, boxes, bags, bins, jackets, old notebooks, coupons, and stuff? Go through your space and make decisions. If you don’t use it, you don’t need it. Clear it out. Aaahhh…that feels better.
WISDOM: Donate. Consign. Toss.

Now Get Going…!
Start by identifying the piles, things and points of irritation that you’ve been claiming you will get to but never do. Next, plan how you will go about completing each ‘task’.
Then schedule it. If it’s not on your calendar it won’t get done.

Once you’ve identified the keepers, then comes the fun part.
Finding a place for the things that you DO wish to keep around and a way to access them easily on a daily basis is, my dear reader, a big key to living happily everyday.

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